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We’re just to introduce you on this page only the degree program Business Psychology MSc. To the other course of studies Psychological Medicine MSc you come here: ALP Germany.


Important facts about the state-recognized Master’s Programme MSc Business Psychology at a glance.

Degree awarding University​

London Metropolitan University ​

In cooperation with​

ALP Akademisches Lehrinstitut für Psychologie GmbH (Germany)


at London Metropolitan University

Title Award​

After completing the Master’s Dissertation award of the Master’s Degree by London Metropolitan University

Academic Degree​

Master of Science/ MSc Business Psychology



Type of study​

Distance Learning /online Masters without presence


Distance Learning without any physical presence (100% Distance Learning)

Number of Students

50 students per cohort

Programme Language


Certificated minimum entry requirements for postgraduate taught courses: Students shall provide evidence of English language skills demonstrated by:
  • level 3 communications key skills unit, or
  • IELTS test at band 6.0 or above with a minimum score of 5.5 in each component, or
  • Pearson PTE of 53 or more in each component of the test, or equivalent, or
  • a pass in the University’s English language test, or
  • for international students only: equivalent as judged by the authorized admitting officer in accordance with the advice of the University’s International Office
Applicants resident outside the UK, for whom English is not the first language, should normally have gained the required English language qualification no more than two years prior to entry.

Start of studies

1st of May 2020

Application period

Until 1st of March 2020

Selection process

The selection process is based on the order in which applications are received, taking into account qualitative criteria and the outcome of the telephone interview.

Study Location

Distance Learning Programme, enrolled as a student at London Metropolitan University.

London Metropolitan University
166-220 Holloway Rd
London N7 8DB
United Kingdom.


2 Semesters (1 year)


10 – 25 working hours per week
180 CP = 90 ECTS

Admission Requirements

With and without a first degree. Read more…

First degree (at least Bachelor) from a recognised University.


The equivalent of the first university degree is considered to be a completed, qualified vocational training and at least six years‘ relevant professional experience (of which at least one year must have management or project management experience).

In addition, the following additional qualifications are welcome: knowledge in the field of psychology (e.g. clinical psychology, social psychology, business psychology), leadership, coaching, systemic counselling, conversation skills.

All those interested, whether with or without a first degree, will have a 20-minute telephone conversation to check their suitability for this Master’s programme. If you do not have a first university degree, you must take a written admission test and an entrance assessment by telephone.


This Master’s programme’s approval by the German “Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht” (ZFU) is currently underway.

Regulatory Authority

Ministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit, Wissenschaft und Gleichstellung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein (MSGWG)

Tuition fee

Monthly Tuition fee 794,88 Euros (VAT-exempt). Total payment 12 months 9.638,56 Euros. Please note that there are no travel and accommodation costs, since it is a 100% Distance Learning Programme (online courses).


Scientific foundation for experienced professionals | Without a first university degree

Knowledge sharing of the necessary business management and psychological sciences in order to enable comprehensive understanding and strategic orientation towards tasks within the individual’s own professional activities, as well as acquiring current and practice-oriented specialist knowledge and transferring it to relevant questions of occupational practice.

Development and expansion of key competences | Master’s Degree through distance learning programme

Enabling the students to act in an efficient manner by deepening their knowledge of business psychology, further developing their communication and negotiation skills, and expanding their own competence by applying current approaches and methods they have learned.

Trends and research topics of the future | Business Psychology

Dealing with current research and applied topics as well as with questions of the workplace of the future in order to strengthen one’s own analytical and argumentative skills, towards a more wholesome understanding of how business psychology is likely to shape up in times to come.

For whom has this Master’s Programme been designed?

The Master’s programme is aimed at (prospective) managers and decision-makers in the field of business and management, as well as professionals in various fields who want to build up and expand their knowledge for the future, while being able to scientifically substantiate their professions.

Our target group:




Leadership & Management
Heads of Department
Team Leaders
Project Manager
Logistics Managers
Human Resource Managers


Personnel decision makers
Personnel officers and consultants
Personnel developers/inside
Internal social counsellors
Health promotion
BEM employees
Operational communication

Learning concept of the Distance Learning Programme


The learning concept of MSc Business Psychology is characterized by a high level of relevance to evidence-based content as well as innovative teaching and learning methods. The design as a pure distance learning course means optimal orientation to the needs of the target group. The combination of guided self-study, individual student support and e-learning units offers students the possibility of learning independent of time and place, oriented to their own professional requirements and needs. The use of modern e-learning components guarantees students interactive learning as well as clear presentation and discussion of abstract content. Interactive Webinars and discussions in virtual space promote the integration of theoretical principles and methods into professional practice. The use of a Virtual Tutorial in the form of an online learning platform enables flexible and network-like knowledge transfer, which can be optimally varied and adapted according to individual learning needs and progress. The provision of Recordings of all interactive live offers such as Webinars or Online Lectures as well as all learning material in electronic form facilitates knowledge management and asynchronous learning for students in a learning group with different professional conditions and freedom. In addition, this means simpler and time- and location-independent documentation and repetition of teaching content.

Overview of the Teaching Concept

In contrast to a Study Programme with attendance or complete self-study (also: individual study), Guided Self-Study specifies the learning content. As with individual study, teachers are not present, and the time and place of study can be freely chosen. The Guided Self-Study, however, offers you a given thematic and temporal framework and concrete tasks, which are carried out in a self-determined learning process, but which have to be mastered in certain periods and in certain forms of learning and working. In addition, teachers and tutors are available to you as contact persons and to support the structuring of Guided Self-Study. The teachers and tutors enable you in various ways to structure learning material independently, to compile suitable information and to use it for the respective requirements of your studies.

The MSc in Business Psychology of London Metropolitan University and ALP Akademisches Lehrinstitut für Psychologie GmbH offers you a structured framework for a self-determined learning process. In order to achieve this, comprehensive teaching material and literature as well as Study Papers are made available in the „Virtual Tutorial“ on a learning platform (more detailed description under „Virtual Tutorial“). In addition, there is thematic and methodological support by tutors, which can be used independent of time and place using common communication media.

The MSc Business Psychology of London Metropolitan University and ALP Akademisches Lehrinstitut für Psychologie GmbH uses the learning platform „Moodle“ for the supervision of students as well as for the structuring of their studies and for the imparting of learning content, learning material and other study-relevant information. For questions about the content of each Module, they can use the Specialist Forums, which teachers and tutors answer within 48 hours on weekdays. Furthermore, Forums can be used for exchange and organisational issues can be discussed.

All study-relevant dates and deadlines are communicated via the Virtual Tutorial. Students will be informed of each new entry directly via e-mail. All teaching material such as Study Papers, Core Literature as well as web links and other study-relevant information such as the timeline for course planning, tasks, work instructions and literature recommendations are made available digitally via the Virtual Tutorial. The Virtual Tutorial also includes individual support by teachers and tutors via e-mail on specialist and administrative issues.

The MSc Business Psychology of London Metropolitan University and ALP Akademisches Lehrinstitut für Psychologie GmbH offers you the possibility of individual telephone or video consultation for the clarification and advice on professional and administrative study-related matters. You can discuss methodical and content-related questions or learning process-related matters with teachers and tutors in flexibly arranged appointments.

If required, learning groups of several people can also make use of the advice of teachers and tutors in the form of a telephone or video conference.

Some modules of the MSc Business Psychology of London Metropolitan University and ALP Akademisches Lehrinstitut für Psychologie GmbH include a Webinar on the corresponding Module contents.

In general, a webinar is a seminar held via the Internet which enables interaction and information exchange between teachers and learners. For the design and execution of the webinars in the Master’s Programme in Business Psychology, user-friendly software is used which offers a wide range of possibilities for information transfer and interaction. In the Webinars, previously provided case studies and questions of the module contents will be deepened, discussed and applied live via video and audio, via file sharing, presentations, chat etc. The moderation is carried out by teachers and tutors. All Webinars will be recorded and made available in the Virtual Tutorial.

The MSc Business Psychology of London Metropolitan University and ALP Akademisches Lehrinstitut für Psychologie GmbH uses Online Lectures on selected Module content or other study-related content. These are organized via user-friendly software. Teachers and tutors explain the corresponding contents via video and audio. Students can attend the lectures live, ask questions and, in addition or as an alternative, view the Recorded Online Lectures via the Virtual Tutorial.

In our online lectures, Module topics are vividly explained and categorised by our lecturers. The lectures can also be used flexibly as a Recorded Online Lecture for repetition. Different types of learners are taken into account by the additional provision of Manuscripts, Transcripts, Audio Tracks or Video Recordings.  Our various experienced lecturers are able to skilfully introduce difficult topics.


The content and structure of the Master’s programme support a practice-oriented understanding of Business Psychology. Starting from the introduction to the fundamentals about the programme, Business Psychology contents and competences are systematically imparted, whereby successive modules aim to analytically tie in with the knowledge acquired in the previous module so that they can be integrated for the understanding of the following module.

Depending on professional requirements and areas of responsibility, students develop a theoretical understanding and associated  skills in the field of Business Psychology.


The content of the one-year Master’s programme is based on the following seven focal points:


Foundations of Research in Business Psychology

  • Basics of Scientific work, competence in methods
  • Qualified literature research
  • Critical handling of scientific publications
  • Source work with APA-citation standards
  • Strategy from the idea to the concept
  • Surveys and evaluations
  • Empirical studies (focused on qualitative research)

Psychology of the Individual: Personality and Intelligence

  • Personality Traits and Temperament
  • Abilities and Emotional Intelligence
  • Occupational Ability and Performance Motivation


Basics of Business Psychology

  • History and Contemporary Tracks of Business Psychology
  • Career Pathways of Business Psychology
  • Theories in Business Psychology
  • Tools: Selection, Assessment, Psychological Testing in Organisations

Mental and physical Well-Being at Work

  • Work Satisfaction, Job- Engagement and Performance
  • Stress and Strain at Work
  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Prevention and Interventions in healthy Organisations (i.e. Stress, Bullying)


Social Psychology: Interpersonal Relations and Group Dynamics

  • Communication
  • Conflicts and conflict management
  • Relationships at Work
  • Group dynamics and teamwork


Managing People and Organisations

  • Leadership: Theories, Style and Strategies of Leadership
  • Motivation Theories and Motivation Techniques
  • Project and process management


Organisational Culture

  • Personnel development: Training and Support
  • Organisational Culture: Socialisation, Fostering Corporate Identity
  • Organisational Development and Change